Kalyan ‘indiansharebroker’ Chakravarthy Ships Inaugural Adda52 Big Millions For ₹28.50 Lakhs
March 12, 2018, 18:52:52
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On, March 10, Kalyan Chakravarthy (cover image) won the single largest event in Adda52 history, the first-ever ₹1 Crore GTD Big Millions for ₹28.50 lakhs and with that he got his name inducted into the Adda52 Hall of Fame. The event was a one-of-a-kind event that kicked off online on March 4 and the clock was paused once the eight-handed final table was formed. All finalists were flown to Goa to play the final table live onboard Casino Deltin Royale on March 10.

Adding to the excitement around this unique online-live hybrid event was a pretty cool live stream of all the action with commentary by Abhishek Goindi & Manish Adnani alongside  Abhinav Iyer, Aditya Sushant who joined in after busting the final table and Pulkit Totla.

It was an exhilarating finale that saw an epic battle with some top names in contention but eventually the start-of-day chip leader Chakravarthy`s chip lead and great form turned out to be insurmountable as he defeated Kolkata`s Shashwat ‘shash26’ Agarwal heads-up to take home the top prize worth ₹28.50 lakhs. If that was not enough, Chakravarthy also won a dinner date with Adda52 Celebrity pro Minissha Lamba.

It has been a breakout year for Chakravarthy, who came into this event fresh from a runner-up finish in the Doupai Main Event for a career-best HK$790,000 (~₹64.90 lakhs) and as luck would have it, Chakravarthy struck gold in Goa too by shipping the biggest guaranteed event ever hosted by the country’s largest poker site.

PokerGuru spoke to the proud champion who said, "It's a great experience in all to grind it at the comfort of home online till final table and play the final table live. It's good to see live telecasting as you can watch yourself later 😃. Game wise I entered final table with overwhelming chip lead like around 40% of chips with me so strategy was simple to keep applying ICM pressure as much as possible without losing the balance or any big leak in stack. But unfortunately, I lost J high flush vs nut flush to Deepak Raina but had already accumulated enough stack by then that was chip leading with decent stack and just kept on doing what I did and also got extracted max value from Raina when I got my nut flush against him. So, after that it was like no stopping and also Sushi (Aditya Sushant) who is a tough competitor, ran bad both in game as well as seat draw😁So in all it went good and I guess I played my best to not make any mistakes. I thank the full team of Deltin Royale for such a great hospitality, especially Manish Adnani who is always there for us and who's literally in for players all the time and so much he cares about the players 👍🏻. It was great experience and expecting Adda52 would repeat these events more frequently as we can already see such a great response."

Agarwal on the other hand started off the final table as the second shortest stack and patiently waited for his spots to eventually juggernaut his way to finish line in second place that got him ₹15.48 lakhs for his splendid run.

The event registered a total of 1,175 entries (750 unique entries + 425 re-entries) with the top 129 places sharing a piece of the ₹1,17,50,000 prize pool.


Final Table Recap

The first elimination came within 10 minutes and it was the shortest stack and our latest Young Gun Abhinav ‘checkshove’ Iyer who was the first to fall. Iyer started the final table with a mere three big blinds and open shoved with card 2card 3. Action folded to chip leader and eventual champion Chakravarthy who called tabling card 3card 1 and hit a three-of-a-kind on the flop card 3card 2card 2. The card 3 turn was of no help to Iyer and he hopped right into the commentary box once the card 3 completed the board.

36 minutes in, Chakravarthy lost a huge pot to Deepak Raina after opening for 175,000 from early position with card 3card 3. Action folded to Raina on the button who called with card 3card 3. Harshil ‘assassinato’ Dhingra also called to make it three-way to the flop card 3card 3:@card 1. Both Raina and Chakravarthy had flopped the flush draw and as expected fireworks started. Chakravarthy bet 200,000, Raina called, Dhingra folded and the dealer burned and turned the card 2. Chakravarthy fired another bet of 150,000 and Raina made the call once again. The card 3 was just the river both Raina and Chakravarthy were hoping for and as expected Chakravarthy moved all-in! Raina with the nut flush surprisingly took some time before calling for a massive double up.

Just an hour later, Chakravarthy managed to trap Raina to reclaim some chips. It all started on the board card 3card 3card 3card 3 with Chakravarthy a clear favorite to win with card 3card 3 for a nut flush while Raina held card 2card 3 for top pair. Raina bet 260,000 and Chakravarthy check-raised to 675,000; Raina called. The river card 3 got Raina top two pairs and a lot of trouble. Chakravarthy fired a solid bet of 1.6 million and Raina called only to hear the bad news.

It took one and a half hour of action for the next elimination with short-stacked Mihir ‘mihirparv’ Thakkar going out in seventh place. Thakkarshoved with card 1card 2 and Chakravarthy moved allin over-the-top holding card 1card 3.  Aarush ‘Stackattack7’ A woke up with card 1card 3 to make the easy call. The board again kept the players on the edge of their seats with card 3card 3card 3card 3card 3 fanning out and just like that Thakkar was out.

The next interesting hand saw Kolkata’s Shashwat ‘shash26’ Agarwal changing gears and getting a double up from Aarush ‘Stackattack7’ A. Agarwal jammed with card 1card 2 and Aarush woke up with card 3card 3 and made the call. The board ran card 2card 2card 2card 2card 3 and Agarwal made a one card flush to win the pot making Aarush the shortest stack at the table.

It had been an hour since Thakkar’s elimination and then a huge three-way hand led to an elimination when Aarush jammed his 630,000 stack with card 3card 1, Chakravarthy called with card 2card 2, and Raina re-jammed with card 1card 3 which got the call from Chakravarthy. Raina hit a full house on the board card 3card 3card 3card 3card 3 and tripled up while Aarush A exited in sixth place.

India’s first WSOP bracelet winner Aditya ‘A_Sushant’ Sushant was the most experienced player at the table but unfortunately couldn’t convert this deep run into a title. He lost a few pots to get short and eventually got it in with card 1card 3. Shashwat Agarwal picked up card 3card 2 to make the call. The board card 3card 2card 3card 3card 2 was no help to Sushant and he busted fifth.

The four-handed play saw chips being traded for almost two hours and by this point, short stacked Raina got a much-needed double up through Chakravarthy. Raina shoved his short stack holding card 3card 2 and Chakravarthy called with card 3card 3. The board ran card 1card 3card 2card 3card 1 and Raina doubled up.

Soon thereafter, Harshil ‘assassinato’ Dhingra landed in trouble when he found his card 1card 1 up against Chakravarthy’s card 2card 3 and with that, he was sent packing in fourth place.

It didn’t take long for the heads-up to be set as Raina shoved with card 3card 1 from the button and Agarwal picked up card 3card 2 in the small blind. The community cards opened :@8card 1card 3card 3card 2 and Deepak Raina exited in third place.

The heads-up battle started with Chakravarthy holding an overwhelming chip lead with a stack of 11 million to Agarwal’s 4.7 million. Agarwal started defensively and got down to 3.3 million thanks to the pressure put by Chakravarthy on a number of occasions but he got some love from the poker gods after hitting a dream river card in a big pot. Agarwal was all-in with card 2card 3 against Chakravarthy’s card 3card 3 and the board ran card 3card 3card 1card 3card 1 to double up Agarwal.

Another major hand for Agarwal came when Chakravarthy opened with card 1card 2, Agarwal 3-bet to 800,000 holding card 2card 1 which prompted Chakravarthy to ask for his opponent’s chip count. Chakravarthy called and the flop opened card 1card 3card 2. Agarwal bet 550,000, and Chakravarthy promptly called. Both players checked the turn card 3, to take us to the river card 3. Agarwal bet 600,000 and Chakravarthy called to pay off the former.

The tables had turned completely as Agarwal had by now edged past Raina in chips and he further extended the lead by amassing over 9 million to Chakravarthy’s 6.1 million. Chakravarthy however, was in no mood to give up and soon took over the lead. After that, it was all Chakravarthy’s show as he pulled his tricks and got to over 12 million in chips.

The long heads-up finale finally ended when Agarwal shoved with card 3card 3 and Chakravarthy called with card 3card 2. The poker gods were smiling on Chakravarthy who found a queen on the flop card 3card 1card 3. The turn card 2 and the card 1 river completed the board and with that the first-ever Big Millions was taken down by Chakravarthy.

Kalyan Chakravarthy

                                           Kalyan Chakravarthy

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Kalyan ‘indiansharebroker’ Chakravarthy - ₹28,50,550

2. Shashwat ‘shash26’ Agarwal - ₹15,48,650

3. Deepak ‘orionn7’ Raina - ₹10,39,875

4. Harshil ‘assassinato’ Dhingra - ₹7,46,125

5. Aditya ‘A_Sushant’ Sushant - ₹4,70,000

6. Aarush ‘Stackattack7’ A - ₹3,29,000

7. Mihir ‘mihirparv’ Thakkar - ₹2,70,250

8. Abhinav ‘checkshove’ Iyer - ₹2,11,500

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