Mihail Stoykov wins Aces Unlimited 50k Freezeout!
February 26, 2011, 14:49:33
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The Aces Unlimited High Roller Weekend kicked off yesterday with a Rs. 50,000 Freeze-out tournament. A total of thirty players made it to Casino Royale in Goa to play in this high buy-in tournament, amongst them were Rajesh Goyal, Rocky Motwani, Phil Sanders, Aditya Intervention, Aditya Mastermind, Aditya Sushant, Kavin Shah, Jasven Saigal, Amit Varma, Mihail Stoykov, Bobbe Suri, Arjjun Singh, Amit Jain, Himanshu Laul, Farukh Shaikh, Rakesh Agarwal, Anand Dalmia and Dr.Ravi - a star studded field guaranteeing plenty of rush poker strategy action. 

The first to be eliminated were tournament organizer Rajeev Kanjani, whose shortstacked all-in with     got called & busted by Bobbe Suri holding    (The board ran           - Bobbe makes an ace high straight), and not long after Aditya 'Intervention'  Agarwal was sent off to the rail after losing a coinflip against Dr. Ravi. 

Two hours after the Poker Tournament Schedule kicked off Craig Wildman, the tournament director in Casino Royale Goa, announced the payouts in this high roller event:

1st  6,00,000

2nd 3,40,000
3rd 2,50,000
4th 1,60,000

At 2 am with blinds of 600/1200 and an ante of 100 the tournament played down to the final table, after losing Rocky Motwani as the final table bubble boy. Rocky was busted by PokerGuru Pro Mihail Stoykov, who now had a commanding chip lead having almost three times the chips of Ramandeep & Farukh who were 2nd and 3rd in chips with respectively 37300 and 32100. 

Final Table Chipcounts

Mihail - 103600

Ramandeep - 37300

Farukh - 32100

Rajesh - 25400

Gaurav - 19500

Kavin Shah - 18600

Jasven - 17700

Chris - 16700

Jagdish - 15900

Dr. Ravi - 13000

Jagdish Padim was the first to go and Rajesh Goyal followed soon after. At 4:25 am the money bubble bursted with Jasven Saigal as the bubble boy after suffering a brutal bad beat handed out by Mihail, who opened up with raise to 7,000 and got shoved on by Jasven. 

Mihail made the call and Jasven flipped over     , a big favorite against Mihail's   

Jasven was looking good  as the board ran         ..... but unfortunately for him the river was the heartwrenching   - giving Mihail a set and eliminating Jasven Saigal as the bubble boy in this tournament. 

Chris Fernandes was the fourth place finisher, taking home Rs. 1,60,000 and Dr. Ravi followed soon after, finishing 3rd for Rs. 2,50,000. 


Ramandeep and Mihail Stoykov were the two players left to decide who is going to walk away with the Aces Unlimited High Roller title and the boatload of cash with it. 

Ramandeep doubled up early when he called all-in holding pocket eights versus Mihail's Ace Deuce and a fierce heads up battle ensued with no clear winner in sight. 

Eventually the top two runners made a deal, giving both players Rs. 4,50,000 and Rs. 40,000  &  The Aces Unlimited Title are left to play for. 

The final showdown of the event came an half hour later at 6 am, when Mihail pushed all-in holding     and Ramandeep made the call with    .

The board ran         , earning PokerGuru Pro Mihail Stoykov the pot, The Aces Unlimited High Roller title and Rs. 4,90,000!

Ramandeep takes home Rs. 4,50,000 for his brilliant play in this tournament.

Today on the 26th of February the One Lakh Heads up tournament will start. Today the round robin matches of this Rs. 1,00,000 Buy-in tournament will be played off and tomorrow on the 27th the quarter, semi and final matches will be conducted in Casino Royale Goa. 

Go to for registration and more information about Aces Unlimited: The Poker Conquest.

Mihail Stoykov Wins Aces Unlimited High Roller

From left to right: Ramandeep, Mihail Stoykov and Dr. Ravi

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