Phase 2 of Poker Sports League Open For ‘Pro Players’! Deadline Midnight, March 6!
March 4, 2017, 16:26:20
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The highly-anticipated Poker Sports League (PSL) is finally taking shape and all Team Mentors have been chosen and revealed along with top 12 pros from phase 1 of Pro Applications, PSL has now opened Phase 2 of Pro Applications for selection in the PSL Pro Draft.

Poker players can now vie to be a vital part of the teams, as ‘Pro Players’!

But need to hurry, as the deadline for the applications expires at 11.59 pm, Monday, March 6, 2017. 


Team Structure

There are 12 Teams in PSL. Each team is comprised of 9 players, who will be chosen through the following ways -

1.      1 Team Mentor - (Mentors for each team have just been finalized)

2.      2 Pro Players – (Phase 2, which is now open)

3.      2 Live Qualifiers – (Qualifiers to be chosen through live satellites)

4.      2 Online Qualifiers – (Qualifiers to be chosen via online satellites on Adda52)

5.      2 Wild Cards


Teams & Mentors

Mentors for each of the 12 teams have been finalized from a "Mentor Recommendation List" of 21 players. These are the top dogs of Indian Poker!

Here's a list of the final 12 who have been given the prestigious appointment of PSL Team Mentors:

Bengaluru Jokers: Raghav Bansal

Chennai Bulls: Aditya Sushant

Delhi Panthers: Akash Malik

Goan Nuts: Dhaval Mudgal

Gujarat Acers: Sumit Asrani

Haryana Hunters: Samay Parikh

Hyderabad Kings: Kunal Patni

Kolkata Royals: Romit Advani

Mumbai Anchors: Amit Jain

Pune Sharks: Shashank Jain

Punjab Bluffers: Abhishek Goindi

Rajasthan Tilters: Shravan Chhabria

Mentors along with their Team Owners will now appoint 24 Pro Players out of a draft of 45 players (36 from Pro Draft + 9 remaining from Mentor Recommendations)


Aspiring Team Members

If you think you have it in you to be an important part of these tough poker platoons, get going now, as there are just 24 positions to be filled up and barely 60+ hours to make the list!

Aspiring players will need to fill an application form on to have a shot at those remaining spots on the PSL Pro Draft.

And in a hurry, as the deadline is coming close, midnight March 6!

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