PokerGuru Gossip Column: WSOP Bracelet Winner Francois Safieddine Sued, Epic Hand Featuring Kevin Hart & One More Vegas Casino Cage Robbed
January 12, 2018, 13:25:21
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We are back with some more action-packed news in this edition of Gossip Column that is sure to light up your day. Well, we must admit that we enjoy bringing these shenanigans to you, just as much as you get a kick out of reading them! 

We start this edition by talking about a 2007 WSOP bracelet winner Francois Safieddine who got sued for $236,000 by Denver based Law firm Campbell Killin Brittan & Ray LLC. Next, we regale you with one of the most epic televised hand that recently got viral featuring none other than ace comedian, actor and PokerStars’ “hype man” Kevin Hart. In our last story, we talk about another robbery which happened on January 10 at the Las Vegas strip’s New York-New York casino cage.

Take a comfy seat, arm yourself with ammunition – the hard-liquid kind and some spicy bites, and begin reading all the crazy new happenings in poker world….


2007 WSOP Bracelet Winner Francois Safieddine Sued For $236,000

A 2007 World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner named Francois Safieddine was recently sued for a six-figure lawsuit in Denver, USA.

Francois Safieddine

                                          Francois Safieddine

According to BusinessDen, local law firm Campbell Killin Brittan & Ray LLC which represented Safieddine in a pair of cases in 2016 filed the suit alleging that Safieddine and his ViewHouse Corp. owed them $236,000 plus interest along with court fees.

The law firm claims that Safieddine told them at a December 4, 2017 meeting that he didn't intend to pay them the outstanding dues. However, ViewHouse's Vice President told BusinessDen that they're "working diligently to come to a resolution."

Safieddine shot to poker fame after winning a WSOP bracelet in 2007 along with $521,785 in prize money when he took down the $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em.

Overall, Safieddine has amassed over $1.8 million in tournament cashes with his last recorded cash coming in 2015. He last participated in the 2017 partypoker LIVE Million North America $10,300 High Roller.

Safieddine owns ViewHouse Corp, a self-described "chef-driven, casual eatery, bar & rooftop." According to his official WSOP bio, in 2007, he owned three of the hottest nightclubs in Denver.


Kevin Hart Misreads And Wins An Epic Hand

Ace comedian, actor and PokerStars’ “hype man” Kevin Hart was involved in one of the most interesting televised hands ever at the PokerStars Championship Cash Game challenge against an amateur player named Mila Monroe.

Kevin Hart

                                                Kevin Hart

The German based Monroe got the chance to enter the game through a video submission contest on PokerStars.

Coming back to the hand, Hart took it down but had actually misread the hand in what turned out to be one of the sickest yet legendary bluffs ever caught!

Kevin Hart, star of many blockbuster comedies such as Ride Along, Get Hard and the WeddingRinger, played in the PokerStars Championship Cash Challenge in Monte Carlo back in May 2017, but the British-Irish Twitter account for PokerStars just recently decided to share the hand.

Here’s what the hype is all about. The hand (#55) started with Daniel Negreanu straddling to €100, Hart flatted with card 1card 1 and Mila decided to raise to €485 holding card 1card 3. The table folded except Hart who called saying, “You know what, I am going to come out and say it, I am sick of your shit.”

The flop opened card 3card 3card 3 and Monroe lead out on both remaining streets with complete air and Hart called both times. The turn was card 3 and the river card 2. Here is when it got crazy. Monroe bet once again, Hart re-raised and the former jammed for her €17K stack. Hart called and tabled his cards exclaiming “I’ve got a straight”. 

Hart was baffled to see his actual cards but the misread worked out perfectly for the stubby comic who beat his opponent’s 6-high bluff.

Then as good as poker gets, Hart generously gave €15,000 to her from his own stack to continue playing, with a joke of course saying, “I’m giving this to you so I can take it one more time”.


New York-New York Casino Cage Robbed

According to a recent report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, an armed suspect robbed MGM-owned New York-New York casino’s cage on January 10 and the police say that they are on the hunt for the man.

Robberies are rare at Las Vegas casinos with the tight security all around but definitely not unheard of. According to authorities, this time, the man was armed with a handgun and that no injuries or casualties occurred.

The Metropolitan Police Department said the man demanded cash from an employee at the casino’s cage about 12:45am (January 10) who complied and Police didn’t disclose how much money the robber fled with.

Yesterday, on January 11, the Las Vegas police released a video footage which shows an unidentified man with black-rimmed glasses. The man walked across a pedestrian bridge and left in a cab.

Police later stated that the man was last seen wearing a black beanie, black hooded jacket, dark jeans, black shoes, black gloves and glasses.

Well, some may think these stories have come straight out from a Hollywood flick but well, fiction does become a reality sometimes you know.

Well, that is about all for this session. We bid you adieu. Till next time…

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