Smain Mamouni Ships 2017 WPT DeepStacks Marrakech Main Event; Dawer, Patni & Tumboli Make Day 2 of WPT DeepStacks Netherlands Warm-Up Event
October 10, 2017, 19:43:35
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The 2017 WPT DeepStacks Marrakech MAD 13,200 (€1,200) Main Event hosted at the Casino de Marrakech attracted 433 entries that created a prize pool of MAD 4,949,600 (approximately €445,177), making it the biggest field for the tournament series outside of American soil.

France-based Smain Mamouni (cover image) emerged victorious after a roller coaster final day to bank the first-place payout of MAD 1,000,000 (approx. $105,000) and the coveted WPT DeepStacks trophy along with a €2,000 package to the WPT DeepStacks Final in Berlin in January 2018. He started the day as the chip leader and defeated Sparin’s Pablo Redrado in the heads-up battle to take down the title.

Meanwhile, WPT DeepStacks Netherlands Warm-up event is currently underway and among Indian challengers present at the series, Jaydeep Dawer, Kunal Patni and Zarvan Tumboli have made it to Day 2 in the event.


WPT DeepStacks Marrakech Main Event

16 survivors made it through to the final day and among those who fell short of the final table were 2016 November Niner Fernando Pons, Jean-Jacques Chantalat & Argentina's Pedro Cairat among others.

By the first break of the day, there were just 10 players remaining. Ludovic Moryousef settled for 13th place, Marek Grabsi exited in 12th place, Spanish casino regular Javier "Tsunamy" went out at 11th place followed by Sadry Darwiche at 10th place to set up the official nine-handed final table.


Final Table Chip Counts

1. Pablo R - 2,550,000

2. Anas Belatik - 2,495,000

3. Daniel C - 2,125,000

4. Louis Linard - 1,695,000

5. Smain Mamouni - 1,570,000

6. Anthony Cruz - 1,385,000

7. Elizabeth Tedder - 495,000

8. Julien Lemonnier -  415,000

9. Damien Lhommeau - 260,000


Final Table Recap

The only woman of the final table Elizabeth Tedder had a good start initially but the tables turned quickly resulting in her exit. Tedder shoved with ace-eight only to get the call from Anthony Cruz`s pocket queens. Tedder couldn’t beat Cruz and exited the event.

A mere ten minutes later former Team Pro Damien Lhommeau hit the rail.

Louis Linard came into the day second in chips but had a rough ride that saw him hitting the rail in seventh place after Anas Belatik took him out. online qualifier, Julien Lemonnier became short and hit the rail in sixth place. He got it in with pocket sevens and the eventual champion Mamouni called with ace-jack and paired a jack to take down the pot.

The next elimination took another two hours coming when Anthony Cruz lost a flip with queen-jack against the pocket nines of Daniel C.

The eventual champion Mamouni shot to the top at this point before a failed bluff attempt with king-queen high cost him almost all his chips. However, with some fortune, he doubled up twice to recover.

Anas Belatik was going strong but was sent packing in fourth place. Belatik limp-shoved with ace-queen and Pablo Redrado called with pocket fives. The first card on the flop was a five, followed by two aces but the last two streets bricked out and the Spanish rail celebrated.

Mamouni was the short stack at this point but again managed to get a much-needed double up through Daniel C, leaving the Spaniard with just three big blinds.

Daniel C scored a double up but soon hit the rail to set up the heads-up battle between Redrado and Mamouni with the former in the lead.

Mamouni quickly shifted gears and grabbed two massive pots crippling Redrado. On the final hand of the event, Redrado shoved with ace-eight suited and Mamouni called with card 2card 2. A queen on the turn improved the Frenchman`s hand and his rail stormed to the feature table to celebrate.

Post his victory Mamouni said, "I didn't make a lot of mistakes today. I lost a big pot with pocket Kings against pocket Aces, but I was not afraid of coming back in the tournament. I have a lot of experience, so when I was very short stacked I wasn't afraid.”

"When you play in Marrakech there's a lot of fun, it's not like other tournaments where nobody is talking with eachother. In Marrakech it's something better, something good. I've played maybe 5-10 WPT tournaments, and obviously this was a really good one." he added.

Smain Mamouni

                                                Smain Mamouni

Final Table Results (Moroccan Dirham)

1. Smain Mamouni - MAD 1,000,000

2. Pablo Redrado - MAD 700,000

3. Daniel C - MAD 450,000

4. Anas Belatik - MAD 320,000

5. Anthony Cruz - MAD 245,000

6. Julien Lemonnier - MAD 200,000

7. Louis Linard - MAD 163,000

8. Damien Lhommeau - MAD 132,000

9. Elizabeth Tedder - MAD 108,100


WPT DeepStacks Netherlands Warm Up Event

WPT DeepStacks Netherlands kicked off at the Holland Casino, Valkenburg and is slated to run till October 15. The series began on October 9 and the Warm-up event is currently underway.

A few Indian challengers have flown for the series and three Indians namely Kunal Patni, Jaydeep Dawer and Zarvan Tumboli have made it through to day 2 in the event.

Dawer bagged 118,200 and updated about the same on social media posting “WPT Warm Up Event - Bagged & Tagged! Day 2. Let’s go for it!!!!! Zarvan Tumboli & Kunal Patni also made day 2 with us. Team India can do it yet once again...... #teamindia #lfg #wptnetherlands #bajo #jdbhaiya

Jaydeep Dawer

                                               Jaydeep Dawer

Adda52 pro Kunal Patni is in thick of action too and bagged 72,900 chips. He posted “Grinded for 5 levels between 10-15bb but it was worth it as we make it to day 2 with slightly over average stack (30bb) in the warm up event. 35 out of 185 left!! #Adda52Pro #WPTNetherlands #TeamIndia #PositiveMind #PositiveVibes

Kunal Patni

                                                 Kunal Patni

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