Viaan Industries Ltd Enters E-Sports With Launch of Online Team Poker League (OTPL)
April 10, 2018, 21:03:34
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After the stupendous success of the Match Indian Poker League Season 2 held at Kolkata on 31st March 2018, Viaan Industries Ltd keeping to their promise of promoting e-sports has launched the Online Team Poker League (OTPL).

OTPL is a national event that will be held in multiple countries worldwide starting with India. Thirty teams from all over India will play online twice a month to top the leader board. The season will be year long with a prize pool of ₹6.6 crores for the top eight performing teams. Each team owner will have eight players who will play a ‘sit and go’ NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em tournament via a specially designed app by Viaan Industries Ltd. The collective chip counts of all team players will be added giving teams monthly rankings and monthly prizes. The team with the most in chip counts at the end of the season in November will win the Cup and prize money will be shared among the top eight teams. The winning team will represent their country in the World Online Team Poker League (WOTPL) to be held in December every year.

OTPL is a complete team sport and requires each player to play his or her best game. The teams collective chip count is added to the league rankings at the end of the 4-hour tournament. The app offers in app purchases for teams to create their own rooms and practice for the upcoming tournaments. The technology facilitates every element of the sport from game-play, to administration of competitions, and even record keeping. It will be used worldwide by the other member nations for similar leagues to take place.

Season 1 of the OTPL will be a six-month tournament starting in July, 2018 and team rights will be sold for five years to owners at ₹ 10 Lakhs a team plus an annual license fee. Season 2 will start in January, 2019 and end in November, 2019. Viaan Industries Ltd projects to generate revenue of ₹75 Crores from OTPL`s five-year license fees rights just in India.

On the announcement, Viaan Industries CMD Raj Kundra said, “After seeing the success of Match Indian Poker League we at Viaan Industries Ltd, created this IP to have a year long poker event to give the opportunity to more poker players to come forward and use this platform to showcase their skills. We have designed the app to support and promote OTPL worldwide. It will create an exciting Poker in a team format that’s never been seen or done before. In December we will have the World Online Team Poker League (WOTPL) where the league winners of every country will play against each other in a one-day online world cup event.”

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