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Online MTT's

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I have been playing a lot of online MTT's for the past couple of weeks now, though haven't done much to write about. I am playing mostly $10-30 buy-in's and just about getting a hang of it by finishing in the money almost 25% of the time.

I downloaded a few e-books on online MTT's and am just going through them to devise a strategy suited with my playing style. Must say that Dan Harrington's 'Harrington on Hold'em' is by far the best book i've read till now. I have just finished reading the Vol. II and already feel pumped to try my newly acquired knowledge at the tables.

I am goin to play a few tournaments and see how efficiently I can play after reading 'Harrington on Hold'em', will keep you updated!
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  1. samohhh's Avatar
    Seriously bro.. Harringtons books are the best for tournament play... Although the examples cover a few online hands, i think it works best in live tournaments... Try All hands revealed by Gus Hansen for a different take on tournaments....