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Horrible weekend!

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Just got back from Goa yesterday...overall a pretty disappointing weekend to say the least. Went for the high rollers with pretty high expectations and couldn't do anything significant in either of the 2 events. I finished 16th or 17th in the 50k freezeout and lost to Mihail in my 2nd round match in the heads up event. Trip could have been a lot better if I had either won my 2nd round match which would have guaranteed me a cash in the heads up or not tried to make a move in the 50k event which resulted in me gifting my

Both the tournies aside, I lost a bit in the cash games as well..had some sick 2 outered in PLO by amit verma when I flopped the nut full house and still went on to lose the pot. Getting 2 outered in pot limit omaha is pretty brutal btw not that it isn't in hold em. Casino games I guess I was break even by the end. Won at craps, lsot in casino war..didnt try anything else.

In hindsight, I guess I got kinda unlucky this trip. If things had worked out a bit differently in a couple of spots, I would have ended up for this trip as well...anyways downswings come and go but the game still goes on...gonna play a bit of online again before I'm off to goa again this weekend(lol) for the IPS Hoping for some run good at least this time!
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  1. acesunlimited's Avatar
    Good luck buddy ... Wish u the best ... and since I ain't coming, u have a much better chance of cashing out .... lolz ....
  2. donkab0mber's Avatar
    haha thnx rajeev..and yea im sure now im gonna prolly go on a run like mihail did(p.s. only cause u aint there of course) lolz
  3. indiapokerseries's Avatar
    Good luck......hope to see you at CR today and the next 2 days......
  4. donkab0mber's Avatar
    Thnx Bharat..yea I'll be seeing u in Goa till Monday!