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ACES UNLIMITED - Shoot-Out, PLO, Knock-Out, Freeze-Out, Doubles Poker - What else?

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Well, we have finally fixed on the dates for our next series, but, we will be announcing the same in another weeks time.

This time around we will have for sure the Player of the Year or we may call it Champion of the Year, with a guaranteed Cash Prize amount. The year will consist of 4 tournaments, starting with 2011-2012 Champion.

Now, we have boiled down to the following formats for sure:

1. Knock-Out (Bounty)
2. Freeze-Out
3. Rebuy
4. Shoot-Out

Now, we are also considering a Doubles Poker tournament, but, we are not sure, if people will like the idea of being paired with any other random person, but, it is a very interesting format.

Let us have your views, and lets' see what the players prefer, which will be duly noted by us and ofcourse implemented, if the majority says so.


Aces Unlimited
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  1. myrondotcom's Avatar
    PLO n doubles is a good idea. its never been done should work
  2. APB1989's Avatar
    if u want to keep doubles poker u should keep a relatively large buy-in so that only regular players can play and mostly u will be paired with a decent player...thats what i think..
  3. richestuser's Avatar
    doubles a bad option...because of...all those stupid rules....No talking with partner during hand...random pairing... and points system...