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Ips Final event- How I got Busted.

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I have had many people giving me feedback about the hand I played and got Busted on the Bubble. First of all, thanks a lot for that and it will definitely help me improve my game. For someone who has been playing for about a year and a half, any feedback is valuable. And I am lucky I have a few friends who are excellent players and are capable of giving you correct and sensible feedback too. Intervention, Jasven , Abhishek Goindi, Rahul Melwani, Prabeer " rotty" nair to name a few....

Ok so this is how the hand went.

Blinds : 3k-6k , 600 Ante.
My Position : Cut Off
Stack : 33k ( My "M" is about 2 which isnt good).

On this hand the UTG shoves ( he was a shortstack with about 11k in chips and he was getting blinded out next hand), and I shove Over the Top and the BB Calls.

Showdown : UTG shows 78o
I show A8o
BB shows AKo.. And Ace kind holds up knocking me and the UTG player out.

Now let me tell you why I played it that way. The UTG had a very very wide shoving range in that spot and when it was folded around to me , I was getting more than 2-1 on a call ( he shoved 11k into a 15k pot), and I was sure that I was more than a 60 - 40 favourite there ( actually i was a 70-30 fav against UTG).

Now if the BB hadnt woken up with AK and I had won the pot, I would have about 60k with me , which is 3rd chip position on the table. And with that stack I am probably gonna win the whole thing, because 60k was an intimidatin stack even to the chip lead at that stage.

However, as luck would have it, BB woke up with AK and there we go, I am suddenly down to 2 outs. Thats poker folks...

It would be great if someone could actually comment on this blog with a feedback as it can help me in the future...
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  1. donkab0mber's Avatar
    wat is there in this? its a std play samoh. utg is shoving wide with 2 bb like u said. u hav 5 bb. u hav a decent ace. action's folded around to u. standard play really. nothing to talk bout in this.
  2. samohhh's Avatar
    Hey Sushant, I know its standard play. But the reason I mentioned this here is that, there were 3 short stacks at the table. So u think i should have still played it this way, or should have let this one go, waited for the shortstacks to get bust and then made moves.... Personally I think it was the right play ....
  3. donkab0mber's Avatar
    def the rite play. u had utg covered and werent gonna get a call behind u unless sum1 had a big hand. like u said u got ul dat bb woke up with ak. in a scenario whr it ends up being hu bet u and utg, its a gr8 equity spot for u. plus in such a case, even if he wins the hand, u still hav 22k left.
  4. DagNasty's Avatar
    Is the structure of this tournament so horrible that your 60K stack with an M of 4 " was an intimidatin stack even to the chip lead at that stage. " ???? That said it is a standard play, but unless you lost a recent big pot to ge yourself down to an M of 2, you should not have let yourself get down that low, imo.
  5. samohhh's Avatar
    I think structure issues are everywhere. There are time constraints and the organizers have to finish the tourneys in 9-10 hours. But they do their best given the constraints. But yes... The chip lead had about 112k ( M of about 7) and 60k is more than 50 percent of his stack.... and at this stage the average stack was 54k.
  6. vinaycdy's Avatar
    The kind of structure I could visualize from what u have told in your post, I could make out why the shove. With UTG pushing only 1.9 BB the call from BB was always on. And with A8o you were not in a spot to scare him, all you could do was to gamble with a push or more prudently let BB take him on and let him bubble because as you said your M was about 2 which is quite healthy even when you compare with the UTG.
  7. samohhh's Avatar
    Hi Vinay, the BB was pretty much priced in for the call for the UTG shove and I could have laid it down. But personally I thought it was a very good equity spot for me... Although I dint have any kind of read on the BB ,when I shoved I knew that only a Monster would actually call me down, when I look at the relative stack sizes ( I had position on the Chip lead)... BB had to put almost 50% of his stack for this call.( Given the action, I would have probably folded the AKo there, But good read by the BB )...
  8. DagNasty's Avatar
    Sorry, in what world is an M of 2 healthy?
  9. vinaycdy's Avatar
    Dag, I had said Mof 2 is healthy as compared to the utg in the case of Sam. The best he could have got upto was 27400 if he had won the showdown against the BB who in any case would have called him down with any two cards. If the utg had won that hand, the next hand he was the BB and then the SB ultimately taking into account the probability he would have been down to 17200 and the compared to that Sam's stack would have been 31800, assuming Sam gets two unplayable hands despite bieng in position over the utg guy. So I was talking in terms of maths and then after working hard for about 5 to 6 hours and reaching the bubble, I would rather cash the tourney than shoving with A8o when I can see there are two other players in dire straits (short stacks) who would be throwing in the chips with Any A or a decent K. And since one of them had already done that it would have been prudent to muck and let BB take him. A8 o shove was a gamble which didnt pay off.
    Updated 03-14-2011 at 01:14 AM by vinaycdy
  10. DagNasty's Avatar
    This is where our end game strategies differ, "after working hard for about 5 to 6 hours and reaching the bubble, I would rather cash the tourney than shoving with A8o when I can see there are two other players in dire straits (short stacks) who would be throwing in the chips with Any A or a decent K." I am open pushing with an M of5 or 6 no matter point in tournament with almost any holding, since I am playing to win. This would mean that, I would have been open shoving 3 or for orbits before this hand. Of course that may have been the case here, but we do not know all of the details.
    That being said, I do not disagree with your muck play. I would 100% be rather opening pots then calling allins, no matter what the stack sizes of the opener. so a valid play would have been to fold this hand, then shove the next time we can open the pot. And in actuallity, even if we were to double up, we should still be pushing the next chance we get.
  11. rohit3887's Avatar
    hey sangeet i think the move was definately profitable..but whether it was the best move i m not sure...well i beleive that poker is not jst abt maths nd has a lot more that goes into it...if we jst follow maths ten we will end up putting all our money very frequently nd tat is full of variance..we have to look for the best spot and situations to put our money in.....i could me totally wrong tho....

    I mean its the same as Joseph Cheong pushing A7o in wsop his move although profitable but not the best
    Updated 03-15-2011 at 04:30 PM by rohit3887