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Konichiwa, bitches!

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Hey folks,

I’m Rishabh Chawla writing from Delhi, to let ya’ll know I’ll be…well, doing some writing for Poker Guru…from, umm, Delhi? Err, okay. Let’s try that again.

Greetings, Poker Minions!

For those of you who don’t know me – I’m a legend around here. And for those of you who do – I’ll treat you to a beer the next time I see you if you keep your mouth shut about this whole legend business.

I kid, I kid. I’m excited to be doing some writing for Poker Guru, though that might be because I’m a rather excitable person in general. Oh, dear. I can’t seem to put an end to all the bad jokes.

Alright, one last attempt to keep a straight face – I’m a predominately online player – well – for the past four months anyway, after my rather promising live poker career was cut short by my family who seemed to be of the opinion that even the next door neighbor’s four year old daughter could have a “rather promising live poker career” in Goa. It’s Goa, for fuck’s sake. Okay, so I might have paraphrased somewhat.

That leaves me here. In Delhi. Grinding nano-stakes online, while trying to figure out which day job makes me want to puke the least. But the good news is, I’ll be bringing all the breathless action to ya’ll for your reading pleasure. You’ll hear all about my huge $60 scores from $3 SNGs! You’ll cringe at my ten page rants about bad beats that cost me $20 in equity at final tables!

The path to high stakes living is paved with nano scores, said my poker idol Phil.
Hellmuth, I mean – not that wannabe Tiger Woods lookalike.

See you on the flip side.

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