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Give me some ideas .... fast ....

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I ain't a blog writer, and I guess, the few who have read my bits, totally know what I am saying ... anyway, I like to try, and try hard, so here I go again ... but this time, no information for ya'll, but, I need some suggestions from you guys out there ... so help us ...

I hope you guys have checked out our website, or the forums here, with our full year schedule for the 4 Seasons of Poker, if not check out:-

Now, we have done many new things, in the past, and this time also, we have introduced something new ... Now we are stuck, with what we should give as Trophies. We do not want to give a Plate or a Medallion or a Acrylic Sheet, or a World Cup trophy (the last 2 we have already tried). I am not saying the above are bad, but, others are doing it, and again we want to be different ...

I had some ideas like the below:

1. Bracelet
2. Wine Bottle with Carving

I dunno, but, if you guys have some ideas, give it to me.

Another help, we wanted the formula for the POY, do you guys have a simplified formula you would like to suggest.

Thanks in advance for all the help ...

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  1. Rajat's Avatar
    Bracelet will be awesome. To add an element of personalization you may even engrave the player name though then you may need to courier the bracelet.

    Just my 2 cents!!
  2. donkab0mber's Avatar
    yea gotta second rajat. bracelet is lot cooler and yea if u can get it engraved with players name, even better

    i'll giv u both the links to ipc and ips POY formula rajeev. i've understood the ipc poy one, havent yet gone thru IPS' formula. u can see which one u like better or maybe customize to make a modified one of ur own
  3. acesunlimited's Avatar
    Yes Rajat and Aditya - Bracelet is surely figuring right on TOP and about the Engraving ... yes surely we can get it engraved, if we get fixed on that ... Thanks for the suggestion guys ...

    As for the POY, I was wondering is that the only formula used in the Poker World? Anyway will do a research and then finalize ....

    In the meantime, get those ideas rolling ....

  4. The.Reshove's Avatar
    I don't know about the bracelets - I mean, you can't wear it anywhere else in the real world without looking rather gay, other than at the casinos. I'd really like to see a classy leather strap watch with the player name engraved in the back or something to that effect. What dyu think?
  5. donkab0mber's Avatar
    Yea rishabh's idea is good too..but name engraved on the back is of no use no? u cant even see it
    Updated 03-23-2011 at 09:22 PM by donkab0mber
  6. acesunlimited's Avatar
    Rishabh - a good thought ... lemme see where wer can develop this idea and make it better, keeping in mind sushants' point of view as well ...
  7. The.Reshove's Avatar
    Aditya - I'm not sure I want to be wearing something with my name on it in plain view. I'd prefer the engraving on the underside of the watch since it's understated, but of course, that's just my personal preference.
  8. donkab0mber's Avatar
    ok sounds good but yea if ur gonna go with watch, something cool engraved on the front face wuld be nice too. like aces unlimited champ or just a picture of 2 aces or a royal flush or sumthin.
  9. acesunlimited's Avatar
    Excellent thots ... will be meeting some ppl next week to see what ideas come out of the above ... specially the Watch idea ...

    Cheers guys ...
  10. RoyalsFlushed's Avatar
    I think a ferrari would be nice with name engraved on number plate!
  11. indiapokerseries's Avatar
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