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Thank god its sunday!

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Its sunday and i'am back in Delhi to a decent internet connection for some online grind.. these past few weeks have been really bad while I was in goa with poor connectivity, it really gets frustrating since I was hooked on to playing online for almost a month.

I'll be playing the sunday storm, DNG sunday special, sunday million and the turbo takedown(if i manage to satellite my way to it) and hopefully try n play a decent game not being irritated after getting disconnected every 5 mins.

The double guarantees week also starts tomm on Full tilt and I will play most of the $10 and $24 MTT's.. big prizepool's to play for.. this week I am hoping for some decent cashes.. i need to get my online score in the green before the IPC since i'll take a week long break from playing online when I get back to goa.
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