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Nygma: Who? #1

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Yes let's begin our first blog by knowing who is NYGMA?!

Born and raised in the suburbs of North Chennai who never traveled to the other side of the city till he finished school. He was a very silent kid in school days who never had any interest on academics but had interest on all sports. Spent most of his college times learning and adopting with new people. After his graduation he was all alone as an immatured kid with no plans ahead. A year after he started working in an IT company and 3 years passed on.

He never had any satisfaction in whatever he did. In search of satisfaction he left his job to pursue his dream and went abroad for higher studies . He lived 3 years there working hard and mostly playing poker! Yes you read it right "Poker". Playing poker gave him some satisfaction what he was looking for! Some unavoidable situation made him to move back to India. He was still that same guy who had no vision about future and was shattered that he can't play poker in India.

After moving back to India he was delighted to know that he can play online poker in India. He continued his search towards satisfaction by continued playing poker recreationally along with his work. He was lucky enough to get in touch with the top poker minds of India and was coached and staked by them. Two years passed on like that and he never got what he was searching for!

One day he decided to quit his job and take up poker professionally. He had all the support from his family in whatever he did except for playing poker professionally. He still didn't give up and started to pursue his search. Poker as a profession didn't welcome him well. It showed him how hard life can get. It taught him the importance of time, money and people. He still couldn't find that satisfaction and had no clear vision about life.

So frustrated and upset about life, he was all alone in his terrace one day gathering information from his past in search for answers. He was struggling to find 'what makes him happy and satisfied?' Finally he got his answers and realised 'what makes him happy and satisfied?' For him "seeing his parents happy", and "to do something very competitive and be successful". So first to make his parents happy he decided to quit playing poker professionally and take up a job. His parents considered a fixed income based job as more respectful than playing poker and they can't be blamed. He knows he is not going to get any satisfaction from his new job from day one. So in pursuit of doing something competitive and be successful in life he decided to stick with playing poker non-professionally.

He realised that with a little hard work, discipline and sacrifice he can achieve any heights in life. He is now happily living his life working hard to be successful and satisfied.

To know more about Nygma keep following my blog.

Have a good day!
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