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Vivek Singh

First And Foremost

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Hello there, if you are reading this am sure you play poker and love doing so. Let me introduce myself as this is my first blog on PokerGuru. This is Vivek from Chennai, I play poker professionally from the past two years and started playing at the age of 18 back in 2010 when I was in my undergrad. I am 26 now and if I look back I wouldíve never thought that this could be my profession but the love for the game and the people Iíve met have kept the spirit to play poker alive in me always.

At first it was just a dear friend of mine Ratul Steves who I met at first in a small stakes house game where I was learning the game and he had some experience playing a few cash games in Delhi. So he has been a vital support to me on this journey towards turning poker into a profession and seeing the game as a game of skill and little of luck. I used to play with a small group of people and it was just cash games going on with close friends. By the time I graduated I was so confused on what I actually wanted to do. I tried my luck with being an assistant cinematographer which is also my passion but the work environment of the film industry did not suit the style I wanted things to go. I then joined as a business development officer in a seminar organising firm. I was growing there as a better person with having really good bosses but I was just too hungry to do something other than a 9-6 job and surviving.

Due to a personal loss in 2015 I had to give up my job and seek other opportunity to make more money. At first I used to look at poker to only make quick bucks and then just leave it. Then I met Aditya Sushant in a very good house game where he used to play regularly and by then playing poker without much knowledge had already made me broke. It was ĎDonkab0mberí and Ratul who changed my perspective towards the game and how I should look at making the right decisions with mathematical reasoning to be successful. Then I understood that if am looking to make quick bucks poker is not for me because itís a grind and no one makes it to the top without the grind. I slowly started learning more about tournaments and how lucky was I to have got my basics from a person who has shipped Sunday million on Pokerstars. The connection with each person learning the game made me meet a few other pros like Ashish Munot and Abhinav Iyer in my early days and the discussions about each situation got me hooked onto to the game and love for tournaments. I still do play a lot of live cash games cause its just fun playing poker live with different kind of people with different mindsets. It gives you the power to play with peopleís minds and decisions just like any other sport. And my fellow boys named above have always been kind to me in helping me out with everything possible. Iíve never thanked them but I do in this blog of mine.

The schedule was live cash grinding and learning more about the online world from Sushi as he has tonnes of experience in online MTTS. This went on till 2017 October where I got an opportunity to join a live cash/MTT stable called Acejack through Vikram ĎLungií Kumar and Kartik ĎKidí Ved. It was a morale booster and a relieve to join one of the best stables in india cause I knew was going to get more opportunities to play for a stable which can bare with our downswing patiently and back me up when am down as poker is a sport which takes a toll on you sometimes when you are facing the wrong side of the variance. I am blessed to have met the right people in this industry who have guided me to be disciplined, focussed, patient and of course be happy and content with what I do. Acejack just changed my life around professionally and it also indirectly made my personal life much peaceful than how it used to be.
I would like to also talk about my mother who has been a pillar of support and accept to the fact that this is my profession which is not the case usually with Indian mentality being around a card game. She has given me the freedom to do what I love doing from a very young age and be expressive at it which is one of my biggest strength I hold. When a mother gives you the liberty to go out there be expressive and conquer the world there is nothing which can stop you from achieving what you want by putting in the hard work and dedication.

Thatís it for now, signing offfffff!