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Nygma: Poker Dairy! #2

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It was summer 2012 when he went for his first overseas vacation to Manila, Philippines with his college friend to spend time with his friends studying there. It didn’t take much time for him to make new friends and went to the “Resorts World Manila Casino” with them on the very first night of the trip. That’s where he came to know ‘Poker’ for the very first time. He was railing his friend who was playing poker and picked up an interest towards it. After a weeklong vacation he came back to India and started playing poker like any other in “Zynga Poker”. He never knows Poker can be played for real money in India by then.
In 2013 he went to UK for his higher studies. I should say he is lucky to meet new friends in UK who play poker. He first played his real money poker in his friend’s home game. He picked up more interest towards the game and started playing very small buy-in live tournaments in local casinos. Gradually he built some decent bankroll to play every day tournament in local casino. He pretty much played live tournaments for a year travelling around UK before moving back to India.
After moving back to India in 2015, he got introduced to online poker. He was again lucky enough to meet the big heart man Lungi who referred him to a Stable where he got introduced and coached by Danish, Kanishka and Kartik. He was so delighted to be coached by Danish who was his inspiration too. It was all their support which helped him to win Spartan Super Series – Leader Board and finishing second in PokerBaazi MoneyMaker. His dream of meeting his inspiration came true in 2016 when he met Danish in Goa during a live series. That’s the first time he also met his poker super hero Aditya Sushant but he was scared to talk to him too. But now Sushi is a good friend and mentor to him. He was also lucky to be friends with AceJack Chennai boys gang lead by Don Kawa.
Don’t get surprised yet! It was October 2017, when he first saw the Baap of Indian Poker Aditya Agarwal in Kolkata. He never spoke a single word to him but was awe struck in that moment. Thanks to Abu Bhai. Second time he met him Bangalore where he spent couple of days hanging out with the boss. And few months from there Inter is the coach for him in AceJack Stable. He never ever dreamt about these things to happen in his poker life.
He was so lucky to meet and talk with all the top poker minds in the country in very short period and live a dream life along with his inspiration, super hero and legend. His poker journey looks even exciting with him getting selected for a poker league where he will be playing live with sickos from all over the world.
Don’t be jealous and wait for #3. Adios!
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