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Vivek Singh

Journey begins

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Hey guys this is Vivek back for my second blog, and its been a hell of a month so far for me.
Travelled to Goa for the Baadshah gaming live series (My 4th live series). It was so much more than just a series for me as I interacted with a lot of good poker minds and whatever i have been learning in Acejack's new MTT program with the best in the country came into action. I was in good zone to play and more confident than earlier for a live series. Overall goa was a good learning experience and i had a good run in the warm up to finish 12th and 16th in Bounty event.

After goa I chose to come down to Bangalore where am writing this blog and its been 20 days away from home now. I have been playing cash games here during the day and then immediately shifting to online MTT grind by late evening. Bangalore makes me get to the zone of just playing longer than i usually do cause i do not have any other distractions here. Persistence and patience are two components we need to have a successful result and i got one day before (23/04/2018) winning the Big 7 on Pokerbaazi. This is my second biggest online score and the biggest (Returns) being a 2nd finish in Sunday Super Stack on Spartan the weekend i was in goa. This trip with these two scores online becomes more memorable with my game improving so much that i am way more confident of taking spots i never used to before. The learning from this has been that to achieve good things in any career we have to work hard, learn from successful people in the field without having ego clashes of any sort and of course putting in time and volume to what you do.
Signing off for now
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