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Passion to Profession

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My name is Tathagata Sengupta.

Life took a very unexpected turn when I first encountered this beautiful game of Poker. I had casually gone to learn about this game at a friends place and instantly got hooked. This was in the year 2009 and I was at a stage when I was still figuring life out. Soon after I left India to pursue my masters. Amidst the mundane academic life I rediscovered my true calling which was playing live poker games. I mustered up the courage to go to a casino and try my luck. Surprisingly I did quite well and it soon became a habit. I was very happy to supplement my income banking purely on luck.
On my return to Kolkata in 2012 I was disillusioned by the corporate and job market. While working I continued playing live cash games and performed descent enough over a period of 4 years.
In 2017 I moved away from the corporate world to take a full time purge into my passion for playing this wonderful game and I have not looked back since.

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