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Vikram Singh

Another FB group admin gone rogue

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we created the poker federation for easy access to information, transparency and accountability..just to mention a few things. It's sunday, gotta play.

I was kicked out of The Players Group (shelf life 3 months) deemed 'competitor'

Our mission is deeper than being the big bad boss. It's a big man thing but these greedy washed up players act like they're 15.

If anything, we are not prejudiced to anyone. Sushi roll is allowed to make an account and use the high tech fully integrated social media aspect of our site so he can post his scores..

We even have a dedicated twitter feed for pokerguru - a site which belongs in our category far more than some FB group that just blocked me for not breaking any community rules or TOCs that don't even exist.

You guys want to be part of a group where admins can just do you over for personal vengeance. I don't like to judge people but this guy is just horrible.

I actually had left the group as soon as I found out Sushi is the admin, it was only Muskan's invitation that made me join back in.

Updated 05-20-2018 at 04:37 PM by Vikram Singh