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Vikram Singh

The search for Passion in Tournament Poker

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There are two broad categories of people with interest in Sports and Gaming. Ummm category is not the right word here, I believe there is a spectrum of people in sports and gaming with a wide variety of attitude. The latter definition is far more inclusive with less divisiveness and is gender-neutral.

So, I guess I should say that on one end of the spectrum you will find the Pro and on the other end you will find the Pro. This is not a joke. It is pretty hard to tell the difference between a Fish on a Heater or the ultimate pro.

Then you have your semi-pro, recreational, beginner, whale, fish, the one that keeps making the money quietly to the G.O.A.T? Man you never know.

Of course, in the age of spin where news must travel fast and there's no time for the truth, the big markets that really matter have checks and balances to weed out the true nature of a player. Yet, even they can be fooled. The spin, after all, is hyped and energised enough to create an inescapable centrifuge.

That is not to say the spectrum doesn't have greatness in it. There are sick poker players that have stood the test of time, there are those who are good, not the greatest but have won more money the latter. There is the genuine recreational player and a semi-pro who fits the bill.

In a game of variance and multiple options to choose from sitting at your home, be it Pokerstars or The Spartan Poker or Pokerbaazi and many other skins for me to list here, a small-ish player pool and a soft one at that, you are bound to see odd results (as schedules grow across these sites, strategy disseminates, a higher volume can be achieved, we will be able to separate out the L's and the Ws of this game. Those who put in the hard work and those who just claim to do so.)

The most common thread that runs between everyone in the spectrum is a liking for either, Out and Out gambling or a disposition towards strategic thinking.

Another common trait among both is that whichever game they choose to indulge in, has a certain measure of uniqueness to it.

Let us take Tournament poker as an example. It is exhilarating, the adrenaline is high and fervour within a person's mind or around a live table is ground shaking.

By the time it's Heads Up on a Final Table, a lot of the railbirds forget what had, in principle, generated and lead to those feelings within the players and in the atmosphere. Now the celebrations are close!

Sure, just like me, everyone finds the ability to use a certain level of sophistication and outsmart their opponents empowering, such is the nature of tournament poker with all it's dynamism but the driving factor behind these emotions and strategies is one key aspect of tournament poker - the constant threat of elimination.

Sure, no one wants to prepare for a big live event for a month and bust out in the first orbit with their flopped flush getting runner-runner'd in an AIPF pot losing to a boat..

Same is true for online tournaments and sure a few (nothing exceeding 5 imo) re-entries up to 10-15bb should be afforded to build guarantees, bring in dead money and make it so whether due to being unlucky or playing poorly, everyone deserves a second bite....

However, and I am speaking for myself here when I say that I find no joy in tournaments where I will beat an opponent 9 times and his 10 stack is odds on to go on a heater. This could be his/her 20th entry for all I know. I am not even going to look at it from the other player's perspective who is caught up in a myriad of biases - Sunk Cost, Optimism Bias and many others that will make this too long of a list, the passion, however, - a single word for all the positive emotions associated with tournament will have been overcome by emotions that lean towards subjectivity and ego

What do unlimited rebuys do to the landscape of tournament poker?

Well, in a new and relatively small-ish community, it leads to a lot of ill effects that I don't think anyone reading here is not aware of (I have myself listed them several times.) within their self of selves, which in the end cause short-sighted result orient-ism not only on the table, but with almost everything to do with tournament poker.

In a time when games were soft and yet you'd still suffer downswings of thousands of games, this acceptance of unlimited-rebuys in huge percentage of the product being offered for MTT players needs to be rejected.

Tournaments these days feel like they could easily be taken to the cash lobby and named 'Increasing Blinds Limited Period Top-Off Ring Game with Elimination' A couple tweaks to rake system and there you go.

Who needs Rebuyaments?


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