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    JJ.. facing a stack committing raise on Q high dry-ish flop ...give up? thoughts?

    Poker Stars $1.00+$0.10 No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t800/t1600 Blinds + t150 - 9 players
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    Hero (UTG): t33915 M = 9.04
    Koalamb12 (UTG+1): t40393 M = 10.77
    Voltage3721 (UTG+2): t36823 M = 9.82
    yirist (MP1): t41800 M = 11.15
    kapitanu922 (MP2): t47609 M = 12.70
    21 shark 13 (CO): t7194 M = 1.92
    pikas12 (BTN): t5231 M = 1.39
    red_81_2009 (SB): t31023 M = 8.27
    bytsika1984 (BB): t69877 M = 18.63

    Pre Flop: (t3750) Hero is UTG with J :diamond: J :club:
    Hero raises to t3520, 3 folds, kapitanu922 calls t3520, 4 folds

    Flop: (t10790) 3 :heart: Q :club: 9 :spade: (2 players)
    Hero bets t4316, kapitanu922 raises to t22400, [color=red]Hero ??

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    Why did you bet this flop exactly?

    Did you expect him to fold a queen? Call many worse hands and just check it down when you stop betting?

    Give up now. He most likely has a queen and won't fold it.

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    Give up for sure. I think I would have taken the exact same line with a 30BB stack. With a 20 BB stack , I would rather check shove or check fold, villain dependant.

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    as of now.. I c-bet 100% of my range in these micro online mtt's .. the thing is if I don't c-bet .. he will bet almost every time, if he does what will be our line then? fold or call and re-evaluate ott (which will be tough)?.. Is there a case for making a bet so that we don't get bluffed or does this fall into the "informational" bet category?

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    check flop, call turn and reevaluate on river depending on bet sizing, board texture, opponent style etc. the ability to do this should be your edge in these donkaments, rather than cbetting 100% of time. GL!

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    It absolutely does fall into the informational bet category...betting these flops when over-cards to a big pair falls is a massive leak.

    A few things really stand out: 1) You c-bet, and get functionally shoved on and you still don't want to fold (hence you make this thread), so why are you scared about calling a small bet that you think he is going to make with his entire range?

    2) Why don't you "not want to be bluffed"? If you think you are ahead you just call! Don't instead make a bluff with a good hand just because you don't want him to make one.

    Can't agreee more with Bhalla, c-betting 100% of the time is very sub-optimal against weak players and very exploitable against good ones.

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    I wudnt say never cbet in such spots but my reasons for wanting to cbet are diff. Here, I cant agree more with Bhalla and Prabhat cause at these kind of stakes, checking the flop is 100% always the right play

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    Thanks guys for the feedback .. I was not able to fold ... So nice catch Prabhat ... he showed up with KK..

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