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    Post Hands here for feedback

    Go ahead and start new threads for any interesting hands you need feedback on.
    Also if there are any hand questions from any of the videos please post them here.

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    Re: Post Hands here for feedback

    i was playing on 100/200 blinds Table i got pocket 9's, i raised to 1200 pre flop there was one caller and flop comes 8 10 J rainbow, he checked i raised to 2000, he reraised it to 6000, i called, turn comes 7 rainbow, he checked i raised to 6000, he reraised it to 20k, i called and river comes 6 (no flushes on the board 8 10 J 7 6) then he raised to 35k and i coudn't stop myself and called because i wasn't putting him on 9 as i was having two9's in my hand but that fellow was having nuts 9Q.... WTF....!!!
    feedbacks are welcome.

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    Re: Post Hands here for feedback

    just an unlucky hand not much u can do when u hv 2 of the remaining 4 9's in the deck.
    at least u just called and saved money by not raising.

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    Re: Post Hands here for feedback

    When you get check-raised on the flop and on the turn, you should realize you're up against a monster hand!

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    Re: Post Hands here for feedback

    I play a cash game with a couple of guys from college regularly, none of them are exceptionally great, but all of them love to gamble. The mood in the table is generally really loose, so i play a very tight game, trying to protect my chips. The problem is these guys can call,raise or re raise with any two cards. And more often than not you will find yourself in the receiving end of a bad beat. I will give an example;
    I was in late position with AK off, so i raised to 3times BB, i got three callers. The flop came 7 K J rainbow, I raised and got one caller. The turn was a 3,changed nothing once again i bet and he called. The river was a 4, with no flush or straight possibilities on the board, i raised to about 3/4th of the pot and suddenly he re raised me. I went over the hand again and saw no harm (I even thought he was trying to push me out of the pot with a straight draw or medium pair) and made the call only to be shown a rivered tripe. Now i cant understand why he was calling me all the way...............
    And after this hand i went into tilt and lost my entire stack, it was really frustrating.....
    What should i do?????? Do you think i would stop playing in this table, as i feel it is negatively affecting my game???????

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    Re: Post Hands here for feedback

    dont worry much when u loose hand because of bad beat....
    but yes if one is getting bluffed with an inferior hand... then one shud work with his/her game..
    in the poker game of life, women are the rake

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    Re: Post Hands here for feedback

    Hi Intervention,

    I had AQo in my hand and raised, 2 more people called

    Flop was H8 D4 CJ (Rainbow)

    All three checked

    Turn SQ

    I raised

    1 person folded
    other person to my surprise went all-in

    Flop was rainbow and Turn was also different, so no chance of flush or full house.

    I had Q pair with high kicker and River yet to come

    I called

    River was SA, I got double pair

    However that person was holding DKDT and got his straight

    I am wondering how a person go all-in to look for straight on Turn

    Wondering what would I have done?

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    Re: Post Hands here for feedback

    Hi Akshay!
    Here's my 2cents....
    I don't know how the table is playing LAG TAG or some other style.

    After the flop he could have had absolutely 910s (hearts or clubs for a back door flush) either way an up and down straight.
    Or he could have got 2 pairs (QJ)...these and many more possibilities for him to push allin on the turn.

    But after seeing the river we know that he was semi bluffing on the turn.

    You had no choice but to call with your top pair top kicker....but then again depends on what was in the much was the allin bet...what were the stack sizes...what were the respective positions, etc in order to make a decision to fold or call.

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    Re: Post Hands here for feedback

    Hey Akash,
    The board on the turn is 8 4 J Q rainbow (meaning no flush draws on the board), after checking the flop, u showed lot of weakness as you were pre flop raiser, your opponents will definitely rule out you having a very strong hand here and would think that you are trying to take a shot of winning the pot here as everyone checked the flop and showed weakness, at best you can have a pair of Q as you would hv bet AA KK all your top pair with Jacks on the flop. On the turn it looks very much like you could be trying to steal the pot, he has a straight draw with an over card (meaning if he hits K he could very well win the hand as well) so I kinda like his allin move as a semi bluff. There is a good chance you will fold some weak Q and will be only calling with QK and AQ and folding all other Queen pairs (JQ is not likely since u checked the flop and would hv generally bet if u had top pair J on flop) and if you do call he will still have "outs" to make his hand on river, since he makes the straight when he hits a 9 or an Ace on the river and could also win with a King on river. I think his play is correct, I dont know if he thought all this or wanted to just gamble with his draw, but regardless you made the right call and got unlucky, it happens.

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    Re: Post Hands here for feedback

    Yep, i think your explanation is dead right, thats what I was thinking when I re-analyse the hand afterwards. I should have all-in post Flop rather then limping.

    Thanks Bro for your points, this would help me in future.

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