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    PokerGuru Weekend Bonanza

    Get ready for a weekend full of poker action!

    For those folks who are unable to make it to Goa and play in Aces Unlimited, a multi-format Tournament Series spanning over four days with buy-ins ranging from Rs. 5,000 rebuy to a Rs. 20,000 freeze-out, we have prepared a weekend packed with non-stop poker action. Not only will we provide you with Live Coverage straight from Casino Royale, Goa, but you'll also get the chance to join the action on the online felt in TWO exclusive PokerGuru freerolls, with a combined prizepool of $800! The first freeroll is held on Victor Chandler Poker on Saturday 20 November at 10 pm, during the Aces Unlimited 15k Shoot-out which starts at 8:45 pm, covered live on PokerGuru. The second freeroll is accessible to all Indian players on Full Tilt Poker. The $500 prize pool freeroll starts on Sunday 21 November at 6 pm, right before the Aces Unlimited 20k Freeze-out begins in Casino Royale, Goa.

    The PokerGuru Weekend Bonanza Freerolls

    20th November at 10pm: $300 Freeroll on Victor Chandler Poker(Click here to sign up)

    - All members can apply for a $25 Free Bankroll: Claim Now
    -Get a temporary upgrade to DIAMOND VIP, granting you access to FOUR freerolls:

    $5000 VIP Freeroll on the 15th of November
    $2000 VIP Freeroll on the 18th of November
    $1000 VIP Freeroll on the 17th and 23rd of November

    The VIP upgrade is exclusive for freeroll participants and PokerGuru members, and will last for the remainder of the month. A great opportunity to build up your bankroll!

    How to find the PokerGuru Freeroll in the Victor Chandler Poker Lobby

    21st November at 6pm: $500 Freeroll on Full Tilt Poker(Click here to Sign Up)

    Our second freeroll this weekend is held in one of the biggest online poker rooms, Full Tilt Poker, which is also the home of many high stakes cash game pro's. Being able to watch these poker titans clash for hundreds of thousands of dollars is to get an a free account at Full Tilt Poker. Registration for the PokerGuru $500 Freeroll is password protected and exclusive to pokerguru.co.in members.

    How to find the PokerGuru freeroll in the Full Tilt Poker Lobby

    How to enter

    To gain access to both freerolls kindly post your VC and FTP nicknames below and we'll send you the password on the day of the freeroll

    Good luck everyone

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    Re: PokerGuru Weekend Bonanza


    VC nickname - FUS10N [ 1 - ONE , 0 - ZERO ]
    FTP - anuj22

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    Re: PokerGuru Weekend Bonanza

    FTP: APB89

    VC: APB1989

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    Re: PokerGuru Weekend Bonanza

    VC poker-freestyler27

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    Re: PokerGuru Weekend Bonanza

    VC: Babyshark3005
    FTP: AAlphaMaleAA


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    Re: PokerGuru Weekend Bonanza

    richestuser on both VC and FTP
    in the poker game of life, women are the rake

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    Re: PokerGuru Weekend Bonanza

    username varnit on both VC and full tilt...

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    Re: PokerGuru Weekend Bonanza

    full tilt : sam4512
    VC : tac222

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    Re: PokerGuru Weekend Bonanza

    VC - indianavatar

    FTP - indian avatar

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    Re: PokerGuru Weekend Bonanza

    how could i become a diamond VIP???

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