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    Jonathan Duhamel's Hand ??

    What do you guys think about the call made by Jonathan Duhamel in WSOP 2010 against Matt Affleck's AA eliminating him in the 15th position ??? Do you think it was a sick call or it was excellent??

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    Re: Jonathan Duhamel's Hand ??

    Help if you post the details .. otherwise going to have go look it up ... : : :
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    Re: Jonathan Duhamel's Hand ??

    @MumbaiMagic: Denny you can watch the hand sk8erboyash is referring to here.

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    Re: Jonathan Duhamel's Hand ??

    bad call...all we can say...SO SICK!!!
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    Re: Jonathan Duhamel's Hand ??

    Matt Affleck played the hand perfectly. I just couldn't understand Duhamel's call, I mean what range did he put Affleck on!?

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    guys matt affleck was known to play back alot n bluff alot.. it was sick but even in commentary phil hellmuth did say that that must hv been why duhammel playd it that way.. Still cudnt help sayin wtf aftr the call though

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