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    Any views on Joseph Cheong ??

    What do you think about Joseph Cheong's overly aggressive style of playing which I think costed him a WSOP bracelet ?? Coz he was in the chip lead with 102M but was eliminated in 3rd place with his all-in call with just A7 ??

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    Re: Any views on Joseph Cheong ??

    well he made a mistake but thats how he played the whole world series...he bullied the short stakes by re-raising them in position with weak starting hands and outplayed them post flop...that style took him to the november nine and thats how he always plays...that said his all in shove with A7 was a mistake...he thought he could make Duhamel fold his hand(QQ) which wasnt gonna happen n paid the price...still he played well

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    Love his "haart" and "commitment" to the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by donkab0mber View Post
    Love his "haart" and "commitment" to the game
    yeah agree completely but the thing that impressed me more was how he handled gettin his aces cracked the way they got cracked by candio.. no emotion jus carried on with it

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