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Thread: VC vip freeroll

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    Re: VC vip freeroll

    @ashutosh : Great!!! i hit a bad beat and was out.. who finished 1st??? anymore Indians in the prize pool????

    May the flop bless your cards

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    Re: VC vip freeroll

    good one ashutosh......keep [email protected] was also out at 68th.......24,82o,92o,83o was keep coming to me and when i had AA and AK i also had some horrible flop......

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    Re: VC vip freeroll

    Quote Originally Posted by ashutoshnaik
    Thanks a lot for upgrading all VC accounts to Diamond level. I just won $800 yesterday in their $5000 freeroll in 2nd place. Cheers!
    Congratulations, now work that bankroll ....

    I burned and crashed :'( :'( :'(
    "When torrential water tosses boulders, it is because of momentum. When the strike of a hawk breaks the body of its prey, it is because of timing. Thus, the momentum of one skilled in war is overwhelming, and his attack precisely regulated".

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    Re: VC vip freeroll

    congrats ashutosh.

    I came 13th and won $60. Could have done better as it was 5 in the morning. Went all in with Q 10 suited :-[

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    Re: VC vip freeroll

    @roy : ma big slick was eaten by a pair of 10.. lets see what happens for 2nits tourney... catch ya there...

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    Re: VC vip freeroll

    Thanks all.

    The first place finisher - I dont think he was Indian.

    On my last hand, heads up, I called an all in with AQ suited , the other guy had 66, and the board ran dry.. . But it was good overall. I think there were quite a few Indians in the fray ( I remember atleast one - kidpokerindia ).

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    Re: VC vip freeroll


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    Re: VC vip freeroll

    @tac-wish we could make that bttr at next time.......

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    Re: VC vip freeroll

    @roy: yeah bro lets hope so.... did u play last nites $1000 freeroll??? m running really bad these days... i think i shud take a break for e week or so... loosing too much on cash tables....

    May the flop bless your cards

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    Re: VC vip freeroll

    @tac--i didnt play last night....and yes take a break.and come back with a refrshd mind....

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