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    Re: PokerGuru IPS Chapter 4 Satellite

    already sent couple of mails to [email protected].

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    Re: PokerGuru IPS Chapter 4 Satellite

    Quote Originally Posted by jagdamb
    hi am already a player on 888poker.com. But when i try to register for the pokerguru ips rournmanet, it says its restricted and u r not eligible...help!
    Hi Jagdamb,

    Did you download the software and are trying to log in with that? If yes, use the instant play, it may work. Try a different browser like Chrome or Firefox, or interchange, as sometimes it goofs up there ... If all these dont work then I gues even Pokerguru will not be of much help, instead write to 888 right away for a 100% solution

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    Re: PokerGuru IPS Chapter 4 Satellite

    Can anyone tell me know to make a deposit of $22 on 888???

    I want to play in the IPS freeroll. My 888 ID is dps464. Kindly help!!!

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    Re: PokerGuru IPS Chapter 4 Satellite

    @Jagdamb: Kindly re-install the 888 client and follow the instructions in the thread http://pokerguru.co.in/poker-forum/f...r-4-satellite/ . TAke care to follow the correct link in the thread to download the software.

    @ dps464: You have the option of using credit card, or e-wallets like neteller, moneybookers or entropay to deposit.

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    Re: PokerGuru IPS Chapter 4 Satellite

    hi cant find the satelite room the restricted one ps help

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    Re: PokerGuru IPS Chapter 4 Satellite

    Thank you for your reply.

    I had $9 in my account... played a $5 +$.50 tourney on 888 and came second to win $98 :P

    I have the required money to play the satellite to the IPS!!!

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    Re: PokerGuru IPS Chapter 4 Satellite

    @Neo : Choose the following buttons on the main lobby at 888 Poker
    All Games>> Tournaments>> Restricted .
    Tournament Name is PokerGuru IPS Chapter 4 Satellite. Tournament ID is 29167147.

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    Re: PokerGuru IPS Chapter 4 Satellite

    nothing that u suggested works....88poker ppl say that pokerguru has to give permission..Dear Vinay,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    My name is Natacha a Support Representative and I am pleased to be assisting you today.

    Vinay please note that I have forwarded your matter to the relevant department. I will kindly ask you to allow 48 business hours to get an update.

    You have stated that you also contact Pokerguru. They should also assist you with this issue.

    I do apologize for any inconvenience caused at this time.

    I have reviewed your account Vinay and I was able to see that you are a Bronze member at this time. Remember that depending on your status, you can play in eligible tournaments which move you up a level and offer cash prizes or you can even play in the weekly and monthly status freerolls - guaranteed cash prizes of up to $25,000! For more information, please check our promotions page:

    888poker Rewards - where every hand is worth more!

    The higher you reach Vinay, the bigger the rewards and added benefits like exclusive promotions, special VIP bonuses and hospitality events.

    Your satisfaction is very important Vinay. Please contact us whenever we may be of further assistance.

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    Re: PokerGuru IPS Chapter 4 Satellite

    Dear Members,

    888 Poker is presently facing some technical issues due to which registration in the satellite is affected. We are working on getting this resolved asap.

    Apologies for the inconvenience

    Team PokerGuru

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    Re: PokerGuru IPS Chapter 4 Satellite

    Dear Members,

    888 has confirmed that the problem has now been resolved. In case any member still faces any issues we will be available on chat here at PokerGuru or just post on this thread.

    Goodluck everyone.

    Team PokerGuru

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