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    My id is saumil21, please issue a ticket

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    am regstrd...thnks.........

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    i am trying to register with the ticket its not accepting it.

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    I played the last tournament & still not recieved the ticket

    My id is : saumil21

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    just downloaded the redkings software, my id is pmZzzzz, pls send me a ticket, thanks

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    All members who have downloaded the Red Kings client will be issued the tickets again today.

    @dark horse : what is the error you are getting while registering? Also kindly re-check for a green ticket next to tournament to confirm the ticket.

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    I have still not recieved the ticket

    I am awaiting my ticket to the freeroll...i played the last freeroll...please issue a ticket

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poker Guru View Post
    @mgeorge8 and pratik : all members who have downloaded and registered at Red Kings on 4th March will be issued tickets on Monday i.e. 7th March. Incase you do not receive tickets by 7th do post your Red Kings id here.

    Request all members to register for the freeroll early as any registration problems can be resolved in time.
    I have already downloaded the software through pokerguru.co.in and played the last freeroll as well. I haven't yet received the ticket. Kindly issue me the ticket.
    My Id is pratik88modi

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    yeah green ticket next to the tourney..error is "account does not have real money privileges"

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    My ID is ivajar
    Havent received the tourney ticket as yet!!!

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