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    Post and win contest

    All PokerGuru members can now get a chance to play in the $1,000,000 Guaranteed PokerStars Sunday Storm on 27th March for free.


    1. Simply post a hand by clicking here before 27th March 12PM IST to be eligible for the contest.

    2. 5 lucky members will win a free bankroll of $11 on PokerStars to play the 1 Million Guaranteed Sunday Storm.

    *All transfers will be made on PokerStars screenname as mentioned in member profiles. To enter/edit screen-names visit your profile and update Screen Info before posting.
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    hand posted... ( http://www.pokerguru.co.in/forum/sho...=4869#post4869 )

    pokerstars id : APB1989
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    Dear Alok/Navin,

    Great to see your posts. Kindly update your screen-names for PokerStars along with screen-names at other Poker Rooms you have registered accounts on, for the March Mania and future PokerGuru promotions.

    How to Enter Screen-Name:

    1. Click on your PokerGuru ScreenName on the forum post e.g. Alok can click on "APB1989" on the left on the post above and click on "View Profile".

    2. Signed in members will be able to Edit profile. Follow "Edit Profile">>"Screen Info">>Enter Screen Names and press Update. The data is updated automatically.

    Good Luck Everyone and keep posting your questions/hands for advice!

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    Congratulations to the following members for winning the Post and Win Contest:


    Good luck for the Pokerstars Sunday Storm

    Members can keep posting hands and all posts henceforth will count towards the "Post and Win" Second Chance contest for which details will be announced shortly.

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    Sweet! Thanks!

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    Hey Reshove I think we played heads up on the monsterbluff freeroll...

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    thanks pokerguru

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    GL to the winners of the contest. Looking forward to seeing u at the final table and hope at least 1 of u can make it to play HU with me for the top 2

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