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Thread: Poker Utilities

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    Poker Utilities

    How many of you guys use

    1) table ninja ? Is it effective as they say for mass multitabling ?

    2) HUD - does one have a massive edge if he knows VPIP/PFR/3bet fractions ?

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    1. Table Ninja is good i have heard for multi-tabling but if u need to be a good player to multitable or u will loose a lot in a short time.

    2. Hud is useful if you have a lot of hands in ur database - lets say if u have 5000 hands for my ID u can use the HUD to judge what kind of a player i am but my last 10 hands are not indicative of what i am as a player.

    Having said that HUD and multitable are inversely related if ur playing 20 tables it does not matter how good ur HUD is you wont have time to check the HUD and decide.

    Hope this helps

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    table ninjas not all that great IMO...

    A HUD is defo a must a almost any level esp when you playin 18+ tables at a time...actually even lesser..

    You say that a HUD is not necessary when youre playing 20+ tables...i think its more imp whne you play that many tables...as long as you can make your decisions fast, you will still have atleast 3-4 seconds minimum to see the stats..its more than enough once youre used to it

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    I dont know any alternative to table ninja..

    And HUD is useful if you have a lot of hands in ur DB and playing enough tables to see check the HUD and decide....the thing is a VPIP of 27 does not tell u anything...the player might be folding every hand from OOP and raising everything from the Cuttoff....to check that kind of stats u need time which is beyond the scope when ur multi-tabling 6 MAX.

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    yeah ofc just VPIP wont tell you everything about a player...at the same time there are just a few imp stats necessary at lower limits (till nl25 i reckon,maybe nl50)...you dont see ppl triple range merging here....so considering its pretty straight forward, just the basic HUD stats are more than enough and very useful..

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    Hi... I am relatively new to the online poker and was wondering if someone could help me in getting a poker software which can analyze hand histories and also help in calculating odds/equities real time.... would be a great help!!!

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